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Reflecting on this crazy, unpredictable, challenging and opportunity-laden year, I am reassured by two notes that now sit on my desk. One reads, “Thank you for speaking up for us in the Jewish community,from when we testified for the Hate Crimes bill in June before the Senate Judiciary Committee along with ADL and the HateFreeGA Coalition. The other, from a pastor and interfaith anti-sex trafficking coalition colleague that advocates for children, says, “Thank you for always being there for us.”That sums up what the JCRC of Atlanta is here to do: bring together our Jewish community through advocacy, education and communal consensus, and develop lasting relationships with those in the broader community through tikkun olam.

The JCRC has continued to fulfill its unique place in the Atlanta Jewish community by providing a common table for all Jewish organizations, agencies, synagogues and interested individuals to come together to address issues of mutual concern, framed by Jewish values, and a commitment to help repair the world. Your support has allowed our full-time executive director, Leslie Anderson, to strengthen and grow our mission of addressing shared priorities at the local, state, national and international level on issues that include poverty, hunger, healthcare access for all Georgians, immigration and refugee concerns, homelessness, sex trafficking, security for our Jewish institutions, the needs of seniors and people with disabilities, criminal justice reform, and Israel. Your continued support will help the JCRC provide security and support for our community through our relationships with non-Jewish partners. But we can’t do this without your financial help and we are deeply grateful for your support.